From The Rusty Oven Bakehouse

We pride ourselves on our handmade sourdough pizza and bread. We use only the best ingredients including: organic stone-ground flour from shipton mill, water & la baleine sea salt. The use of only our natural starter, plus a 72 hour leavening process makes our sourdough nutritious, easily digestible & tasty!

Everything is handmade on site by our hardworking team in our bakehouse.

Sourdough is a process…  not a product. A process that promotes flavour, digestibility and gut health. A loaf that provides honest nourishment through long fermentation and great ingredients.  

As the guys at ‘Tartine Bakery’ said…

” A baker reads the weather, the flour, the levain, yesterday’s baked bread before starting to mix. A complex balance of yeast, bacteria, time, temperature, moisture, and fermentation acts on the simplest of ingredients; flour water and salt, to create one of humankind’s most elemental foods”


A sourdough loaf will last for up to a week in your kitchen if stored properly.

Ideally, you should store your loaf in one of our organic cotton bread bags or wrapped in a large tea towel, so that the bread can ‘breathe’.

If you have several loaves to store, wrap them in clingfilm and put in a cool place. For longer term storage, slice the loaf and put your cling filmed slices in the freezer. 

Unlock The Moisture

To revive your bread all you need is 60 degrees to unlock the moisture!

Either pop a slice in the toaster, from frozen or room temperature or splash the top of your loaf with water and re-bake it at 180deg for 12-15 minutes to unlock the moisture.

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